'Early' Concept Maps

After taking a break to help launch DisneyLife, I was able to return to "Early," my endeavor to create a better alarm clock. 

Starting from the UX Ninja Exercise I conducted in October, I first created a concept map of the product. Doing so helped refine the product idea without distraction of the UI or interaction details. 

Version 1 Concept Map for "Early" 

Version 1 Concept Map for "Early" 

An additional round of refinement occurred when I layered the concept map with a lovely low-fi UI kit called TinyFrames. By lightly visualizing the UI system, I found myself asking tough questions regarding the validity of certain features and the app concept itself. Did users really need advanced settings for version one? Is the morning checklist idea too prescriptive? What conventions of an alarm clock must we keep? 

Version 1 WireMap for "Early"

I quickly realized I didn't know the answers to any of the questions I was asking. The app was quickly becoming art, an expression of my own viewpoint. Though moving forward would be fun,  I did not want to sacrifice my primary goal: to help people have good mornings and begin the day with their best foot forward. 

First and foremost, this is an app for other people. I just need to know more about them. To do this, I plan to create a survey. The goal: to learn more about the habits and lifestyle of people who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. 

I look forward to posting the survey soon. I also am excited to write a post about my experience crafting a qualitative user survey. Wish me luck!